Go to “” and press on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button
*1) Type in “Google Gravity” and press “I’m feeling, wait a sec to experience the effect of gravity.
 2) Type in “French Military Victories” and press “I’m feeling lucky”.
 3) Type in “Google Reverse/Mirror/elgoog“and the Mirror effect is on.
*4) Type in “Google Sphere” and see the spinning effect.
*5) Type in “find Chuck Noris” (A must search keyword for al Chuck Norris Fans :D ).
*6) Type in “who is the cutest” and see who’s so cute and beautiful/handsome.
 7) Type in “2204355” and see (You’ve been Chicken Rolled).
 8) Type in “Google Loco” and see what’s moving.
*9) Type in “LOL Limewire” and see that you are as a pirate.
10) Type in “Google Loco” Loco stands for crazy in Spanish. When you enter the phrase Google loco then you will notice that the elements of the page you’re directed towards will be jumping.
11) Type in “Google Magic” Now this one, as the name suggests, has some fishy traits.
12)Own Your Google Search Engine:
Want to create your own logo just like the word Google appears on the top of the search bar? Just go to and enter the word of your choice.
13) Type in “Google Gothic” This gives you a series of gothic themes
14) Google Games:
a)Type in “Google Pacman” You will find a series of Pacman themes and games
b) Type in “Google Easter Eegs” Similar to Google Pacman, you can also find some cool Easter theme and play the “Bunny Easter Eegs”
 Also try…. Epic Google, Rainbow google, Annoying Google,Google color (Ex: pink,blue), Early Google, Google Heart Page, Google Unusual Language, Google Mew, Google Hacker/google 133t, Google Klingon, Google Piglatin, Google Bork, Google Pirate, Google Chav

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