Block Ads on Youtube Videos in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Do you watch a lot of Videos or Movies on Youtube like me? These days, most of the videos are having advertisements which annoys me while watching and so a little Googling has landed me on a wonderful plugin which when installed, blocks the Youtube video ads while watching.
Once installed and activated, all the advertisements displayed along with the videos will be blocked.
  • AdBlockVideo Firefox Add-On: A Firefox plugin that blocks ads not only on Youtube but also on different video streaming networks like Hulu, CBS, Fox, ABC and others.
  • YouTube Options for Google Chrome: It’s a Chrome extension that lets you block not only ads but also the video annotations, auto-play etc…This extension gives you more options to customize your video watching.
  • YouTube AdsFree for Opera: It’s a pretty good extension for Opera browser users to prevents advertisements from appearing on video streaming site, Youtube.
All these beautiful browser extensions allow you to watch videos without the ads annoying you.
Here is the Demo showing what an AdBlock Extension can Do.

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