Boost Your Adsense Earnings by using AdSense Section Targeting

Google Adsense is the no.1 contextual advertisement program and many people find it easy to set up. The big advantage of Google Adsense Program is it will never let your blog run out of advertisements. Even if you don’t have enough content, Google displays ads (may it be relevant or irrelevant to your niche).

What do you mean by irrelevant advertisement?
Irrelevant advertisement means the ads that are showing on your blog posts aren’t familiar with what post says. For Suppose if we write a post about Blogging Tips and the advertisement shown by adsense is something about Puppies, then chances of Visitors clicking on such ads is negligible. Whereas if adsense shows the advertisements related to Blogging, then there are more chances of getting clicks on such adverts. This is ultimately boost your Adsense Revenue.

How to implement Adsense section targeting?
When we write a particular post we may write some example like puppies, science, dummies etc.. which are off-topic but we use these words as they looks interesting when reading. Obviously we can’t except to afford dogs and puppies advertisements on a technology blog. To stop this from happening, we need to tell Google adsense crawler, where to look for the lines from where they can place meaningful advertisements. To do this, Google had given us a chance to use the below lines of code at the starting and ending of our keyword rich lines.
<!– google_ad_section_start –>
<!– google_ad_section_end –>
Ex: <!– google_ad_section_start –>
Adsense Section Targeting allows users to display advertisements related to your niche, thus getting more clicks from users.
<!– google_ad_section_end –>
Note: You need to try out with the ideal placement of these code because if you failed to give enough keywords to the crawler, it may display blank ads. Also remember that it might take 15-30 days for the adsense crawler to crawl your page for the newly added adsense section targeting codes.
You can also refer to official Google guide on Section targeting.

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