Install Xp/Win 7 Through USB

1. First go to google and search WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3

2. Download and install .

3. Insert pen drive or USB HDD in the USB and open the software

4 Click the option RMPrepUSB.

5. New options

> open hogin.

6. Select  File system :-  NTFS and OVERRIDES Option To BOOT as HDD .
7. Go Boot options and Select [XP BOOTABLE[NTLDR]  (For XP )
WinPE/Vista V2 bootable [BOOTMGR] For Windows7

8. NOw click at  prepare drive ,Then  yes or And click to O.K As Much Times It Prompts.

9.There would be some calculations in DOS and software will be back to recent positon.

10.Now click Exit.

11. Now go to sowtware's main Options.

12. Select Removable option under Force Target Disk Type .

13. At top Select  windows 2000/xp/2003 source :- Browse Bootable XP  Image Path and select it.

15. Select your pen drive path under USB disk Selection .

16.If you want to make bootable USBof Win7 then  Check Vista/7 setup/PE/Recover ISO options and Give path for Window 7 iso.
17. Thats it now click GO and process will be started.

Note:-If you want to make Bootable Xp then Boot 2 times and for Win7 then Single Time Only.

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