Adlocker To Block All Online Ads And VPN Ads

First you need to install Adblock.Here are links to Download AdBlocker Extensions For Various Browsres:-

AdBlock Plus for Firefox
AdBlock for Chrome
AdBlock for Safari

Download the extension for your browser and Restart your browser after installing Extension.Now it would block all ads on the pages your surf.You can also disable ads on a particular website or Page.Thats a nice extension and must have tool.Hope all you will enjoy it.


  1. Very Nice Persentation Dear Admin.BUt hope you will find something like this for safari Browser.

  2. Replies
    1. My GrandFather Used Internet Explorer.But i never used it.AS long as i know i used it to download Firefox.

  3. if we add this it will not block our adds? thanks for the information. web design bangalore

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