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Get Back your Windows 8 Start menu

Due to some error or guinine activation,windows 8 start menu doesnot show in your desktop..
By this method,you can get back your windows 8 startmenu and also full function of startmenu..
1st instal then restart after some time it shows your startmenu  but 1st it does not show..later ok

 Download here- Download   

How To Use Pendrive As RAM in Windows

Now you can use your pendrive as RAM in windows..
No need to buy extra RAM..Just buy a Pendrive and use in your windows..
By which you can increase ur pc/computer performance and speed..

Requirements :

*Windows XP OS (service pack 2)
*Working USB Port

* USB Pen Drive
*Just time requird for set up.

You donot thought that it is difficult but it is very easy...

* First insert your USB  Pendrive in your usb port For better use back port for
this task . 

*Before  next step make sure that USB pen drive
is connected and working fine.

1 : Go to Start Menu then My Computer  and now right click on it ,
select properties option . 

Now you will see the proprieties window on
your desktop .
2 :Then  In properties box go to Advanced Tab & make  Settings Of
Performance Section . 

Now a new pop up window will be open named as Performance Options.
 3 :Then  In Performance Options Box go to Advanced Tab and Now click
on Change Button that appears on virtual memory section .

 Again a box will be open named as Virtual Memory.
4 : you will get details of your virtual memory in this box.

 In here you see a box where you need to select and set your USB Flash drive as Virtual
memory .

Select USB Flash Drive and Click on custom size.

Then give free space values as you want that available in your USB drive .
 Now click on Set then Apply your Settings .
Then you restart your computer..
 Now you will notice the change in speed and performance of your computer.

: Make sure your pendrive always connected to your computer USB port

How to disable Lock screen in windows 8

You know all windows 8 user;,when you log on windows 8,a lock scteen shown 1st then you enter the start how to dissable it for waste your time due to extra click...
-Search or run with type 'gpedit.msc'..
-Then opening a group policy editor..
-Go to computer 'configuration'..
-Again opening a pop up windows and open 'Administrative Templates'.
-Again opening a pop up windows and open 'Control panel'.
-Then Personilazation..
-Finally double clck on this option 'Do not display the lock screen' and enable it..
-When you restart your computer,you show the result of disable lock screen..

see this video for details:

How to instal windows 7 in desktop(less than 512mb RAm)

How to instal windows 7 in desktop or pc having less than 512mb RAM,,,
I know,windows xp is installed in less than 512 Mb RAM but windows 7 is not instal due to less memory...But it is possible....go to this video for detail

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Download final windows 8 (all version and retail) with activater

Download Latest release windows 8 which relearsed on 26th october 2012..In previeus consumer preview version of windows 8,some feature has dissabled..some function is also not worked..
so present i.e final version of windows 8 gives all features...

Download Winbdows 8 pro (32-bit) in single link-Download     [by clicking on left buttom of three buttom)
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Download windows 8 pro(64-bit)-Download part 1
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Download windows 8 enterprise(32-bit) single link-Download
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Activater gives you guinine activation of windows 8 for lifetime.
-just download activater then,after instal windows 8 any version then run this activater and enjoy fully permanated activated of windows 8...(itself rebooted after activate or you can do it manually)

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