Disable/Remove Google Plus Button from Adsense Ads

If you’re one of those who feel Google+ button on Adsense ads is annoying, do follow the below steps to disable Google Plus one (+1) button from your Adsense ads.
Disable/Remove Google Plus Button from Adsense Ads
  1. Login to your Google Adsense account & click on “Allow & Block Ads” option that you’ll find on the menu bar.
  2. Click “Advanced Settings” from the left sidebar under “Blocking Options”. By default, “Content” option is selected in the drop-down menu beside the “Product”.
  3. Among the 3 options, you’ll find the “Social Ads Preference” option. Clicking on the button disables the displaying of Google + button on your Adsense ads.
       4.You can also disable it for the mobile users by selecting “Mobile Content” from the drop-down menu in the step 2 and follow the same process mentioned in the step 3 to remove Google plus one button from your ads.
  1. Once these changes have been made, your visitors will never see Google+ button on your ads again unless you enable the option in future.
  2. To enable it again, follow the above steps and instead of disabling it, just click enable.
NOTE: You can only disable Google+ button from your own Adsense ads and not on others ads.

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