Tips to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screen Glare

Are you an avid computer user? Do you sit long hours in-front of your computer? This habit will definitely get you eye sight related problems. So, it's better you should realize the fact before your eyes got affected. Below are a few tips that many professionals and web masters follow to protect their eyes from computer screen glare. Also a few tips were collected from a friend who is an Eye specialist.

Tips to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screen Glare
  1. Don't constantly stare at the computer screen. Try to blink your eyes for every few minutes to prevent dryness as a result of prolonged viewing of the computer screen.
  2. Set up an alarm for every 20 minutes and take a break for 20 seconds by watching things at a distance of 20 meters from your eye sight. It's the popular 20-20-20 rule that works pretty fine for me. It reduces my eye strain due to long working hours. If not, you can even grab a coffee in the meanwhile.
  3. Try looking at distant objects either in your room or outside through windows for every 10 minutes or so.
  4. Small fonts with high resolution will definitely hurt your eyes. So, try to use medium font size with comfortable resolution. This is also applicable for the display color and contrast.
  5. The wall or the structure behind your monitor should not be glare or loud as it will distract you from focusing on the screen. Try to use light colors for the background wall.
  6. Allow natural day light to pass through your working room as it enriches your working environment. A room with proper light will always encourage you to work more.
  7. If working with a CRT monitor, use the anti-glare screen or glasses.
  8. Clean your LCDs or CRT Screens properly with Paper.
  9. Maintain a distance of about 20" between your eyes and the screen.
  10. Make sure that your sitting position is straight and keep monitor level aligned to your eyes.
  11. Consult the doctor in case you're facing any problems with the eye sight.
  12. Use glasses instead of Contact lens (atleast while using the PC)
  13. Try to take food supplements containing Vitamin-A for better eyes.
  14. If you eyes are tired with continuous watching, place two tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes as they will soothe your tired eyes. Remember to place the tea bags in refrigerator before you actually use them.
  15. Finally, do remember to install the software called EyeCare, a tiny utility that sits in the system tray and reminds you of taking a break for regular intervals of time.


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