How to Renew a Blogger Custom Domain?

Many People are commenting have been commenting about renewing blogger custom domain. Actually, renewing a domain is not a problem for the users who purchased their domain through Godaddy (see: Custom Domain setup using Godaddy). But, for the domain purchased through will not have this renew option. So, here is a trick to renew custom domain purchased through blogger.
These questions are asked by the users frequently:
Q1] How do I renew my custom domain?
Q2] My domain name, purchased through Google apps has expired and i can’t figure out how to renew.
Actually, Blogger has a drawback of notifying users about the renewals of their domains. No one had ever got any mail or alert about their domain renewal. But, there is a solution. Just follow below steps
1] Copy Below URL [Replace last sentence with your sitename]
Note: You should login to your Google Apps account before you try this link.
Update : Blogger has resolved this problem. Now you will get a Mail from Google Apps before your domain expires with the option of renewal. If you didn’t get the mail, then you  follow the above process.
Also note that, you can only renew a custom domain purchased through blogger for 1 year and not more than that period at a time. Let’s hope Blogger will rectify this problem.

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