Download Torrents Without Torrent Client (Online Torrent Downloader)

Today i wanted to download a Torrent file but as you all know i am a vpn user so i can't use any torrent client with Hotspot ans Expat Vpn .So i searched a lot and found something to download Torrents in easy way.So Here we go :-
1.First Download The Torrent File (.torrent) and save to your pc.
2.Then Go To .
3.Upload Your .Torrent File There and Press "Cache".
4.Then copy the cached torrent link.

5.Now visit Here .
6.Sign Up There.
7.Then put the cached torrent url to url bar in Zbigz and press go.Then your torrent would start processing online and after sometime when you login to your ZbigZ account , you will see the status of your Torrent File.Once its completed then you can download Your Torrent File easily.


  1. Chal gya na ? Par speed aadhi rah jati hai esme

    1. Yes Free User Ke Liye Speed Capped Hai Wahan.

  2. aur koi site hai jisme 8 gb se zyada download kr skte hai?

  3. you know there are better ones like you just either upload the torrent or enter the torrent address then download

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