New Changes to the Google Adsense Account Approval Process

There is no point in mentioning again that Google Adsense is the best contextual online advertising network of all. Till now, Adsense account approval process was quick and simple. You create an Adsense account by giving your site/blog, account details and your account will be accepted if your site/blog meets the minimum requirement criteria in the review process. You can immediately implement Adsense ads on your blog to start earning money.
But it’s not the case from now on, as Google Adsense has changed the account approval process by adding the 2-step verification process.
  1. Sign-Up for Google Adsense -> Account Reviewed & if requirements are met, you’ll be passed through the first stage
  2. Implement the Ads on your blog -> Account reviewed once again -> Final approval granted.
Even if you pass the first step, you’ll have to wait for the final approval why because any click on the ads you implemented on your site will not be counted until unless you pass the final approval stage. You can’t even login to your adsense account after the 1st step.
This 2-step verification process is imposed as this will help in verifying the domain ownership.
Disadvantage: A big disadvantage is that this change may affect the services like IndyaRocks, Hubpages etc.. which provide free Adsense account even if you don’t have a website.

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