Speed Up Shutdown Time in Windows 7

If you need to speed up shut down time in Windows 7 OS, you need to reduce the wait time (By default this time is 12 seconds).

How to Speed Up Shut Down time Windows7?
  • Press "Windows + R" key from keyboard and type "regedit" in the Run Command Window. Press Enter Key
  • In the “Registry Editor” window, browse to the following navigation on the left side
  • In the Right Panel, you'll find a file named “WaitToKillServiceTimeout”. Now Double click to Edit it and change the value to 2000 (2 sec.).
  • Click OK to save data and close the Registry Editor.
From now on, your Windows 7 Will shut down even more faster than before.

Note: As we have reduced the wait time, Windows 7 will not be able to perform the save task. So you need to manually save all your data before shutting down your system.

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