5 Ways To Get Your Adsense Approved

How to Get Your Adsense Account Approved?

Creating a Google Adsense account has become really tough these days as Google has decided to impose several rules to approve an account. There are many people (bloggers), though have a decent blog are not getting an Adsense account for several reasons. So, today I’d like to discuss a few working ways through which you could easily get your Adsense account approved.
Note: Please don’t buy Google Adsense accounts from anyone online which is considered to be fake. Eventhough, you get those accounts, those will be disabled soon. Instead you can choose the Adsense Alternatives.

Working Ways to Get an Adsense account approved

1.Signing Up @ Google Adsense Directly:
This being the regular boring task for every blogger these days, but getting approved through this mode have 50-50 chances. For this, you’ll need to have blog with decent traffic with original content. An average of 20-30 posts is suggested before applying. Go through the Adsense ToS before continuing.
2.Get an Adsense account via Bukisa:
Bukisa is a revenue sharing website which focuses on knowledge base content. Simply create an account with Bukisa, and write genuine content (15-20 articles). Bukisa has a partnership with Google Adsense which helps in getting an approve adsense account.
Once you’re done with the above requirement, simply go to the “Earnings” page to create Google Adsense account. Bukisa will give you a share of 40% on your earnings which is not liked by everyone. So, once it is approved, simply revoke access to Bukisa from your Adsense account. You can then start using the ads on your blogs and earn money.
3.Use HubPages to get an Adsense account:
Hub Pages
Hubpagesis another revenue sharing website like Bukisa. Create an account and then post 5-10 original articles. After that, you can apply for an Adsense account from the “Earnings” tab -> “Affiliate Settings”.If you don’t like to share revenue with Hubpages, you can simply revoke access like said above.
4.Docstoc helps to get your Adsense account approved:
It is a document & presentation sharing website which follows the revenue sharing model. For this you’ll need to have an account and upload 20-30 documents or presentations (no copyright materials is allowed). Once you satisfy the requirement, you can opt for an Adsense account. Simply revoke access to Docstoc after getting approved.
IndyaRocks Logo
It’s a social networking website where you can earn for sharing your information.
Eligibility criteria to get Adsense account
  • Your profile should be atleast 50% complete.
  • Upload a Profile Photo
  • Upload minimum 10 photos and their privacy must be set to everyone.
  • Should post minimum 2 blogs and their privacy must be set to everyone.
The above requirements are enough to apply for Google adsense account through IndyaRocks.

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