How to SetUp Multi-Author Blog in Blogger ?

Setting Up a Multi-Author Blog in Blogger.Com allows you to manage multiple authors on your blogger blog so that more than one person is allowed to write posts for your blog.
  1. Login to Blogger.Com
  2. Go to the Settings -> Permissions
  3. Click the “Add Authors” button to add one or more new authors to the your blog.
  4. Simply, enter the email addresses of the people you would like to invite for writing on your blog.
  5. Blogger sends an email invitation to each one listed in the form.
  6. The recipient (author) should respond to the email by confirming it.
Blogger does the rest.
NOTE: The new author need to have a blogger account in order to continue or else he’ll be given an option to create one.

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  1. I have a few regular guest bloggers, and I want to move the author tag from the bottom of the page to the top so that my readers immediately know who they are reading. I see that you've done that. Can you tell me how?