Aakash2(Ubislate 7+)Tablet Will B Available In May:Kapil Sibal

The much awaited Ubislate 7+ aka Aakash 2 tablet nowagain delayed by another month, and now tablet will be available by May this year says Kapil Sibal Human Resources Development Minister of India.
Last month in Hon. minister kapilsibal announced that Aakash 2 tablet will be available by April 2012 this year.
This is very frustrating for all of those who eagerly waiting for low-cost tablet to come in market.
This is third time that Tablet is getting delayed from last 3 months,
Datawind and Indian government is promising user that tablet will be shortly available in market butall goes invain.
On the event of ndtv gadget guruconclave & awards 2012 Rajiv makhni asked Hon. minister Kapil sibal, When Aakash tablet willbe available,.

Kapil Sibal said_ Aakash 2 will be unveiled on May22 with upgraded features like capacitive touch display, 800 MHz processor in same price tag.
It is very doubtful that even in May Tablet will be available in market.
Datawind now even not answering calls or replying to anymail,
Customers who pre-ordered tablet by paying money in advance for prioritized delivery oftablet complaining that Datawind is not answering their calls nor replying to their complaints.
Early in february Datawind on facebook announced that user can now check delivery status of their tablet who already booked the tablet,
But that feature never gets available on the website of ubislate and keep flashing 攃omingsoon�.
It looks like Datawind is in no mood to unveil the tablet in coming period.
It is also noticeable that while Datawind says upgraded version of Aakash tablet comes with 700 Mhz processor but there will be no capacitive display,
Other side Hon. min kapil sibal keep saying that there will be capacitive touch display in Aakash2 tablet.
On official website of Ubislate it is also mentioned that upgraded version has no capacitive display.With all the mess and confusion between Datawind and Indian government it is highly possible that tablet might not available even after next 2 months.
Looks like consumer now need tomove on to other affordable tablets which are easily available in market and alternate to Aakash tablet.

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