Successful Blogging Guidelines for Beginning Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Striving for Success in Blogging? Then you need to have a proper planning of what to blog? How to blog? and When to blog? which is a key factor to Success.
I spoke with many bloggers (including myself) and came up with the following ideas that worked great.

What to blog?
This is a typical situation every blogger faces either in the beginning of blogging or after continuously blogging (writing posts) for some time. It’s natural that every situation has a block at some point and we call it writers block in our blogging terminology.
Tips to get out from writers block and find out what to blog: (For Beginners as well as Middle-level bloggers)
  • First of all, choose a niche of your interest to blog if you’re a beginner.
  • You may choose between two types of blogging styles – Blogging for Money, Blogging for Fame (as a hobby). If you fall in the second category, then go for the area (niche) that you’re interested in. But if you fall in the first category of earning using blogging, then you should choose the high paying adsense niches which suits your interests.
  • And when you’re in a situation of writers block, you can follow the top blogs in your niche, just surf their entire blog and note the points what they are actually writing. This will definitely give you an idea on what to write in your blog.
  • You can as well go to forums, yahoo answers and see the discussions in there (in your related category). Note the questions(problems) most users facing and then do a little research on that problem and boom! you got an amazing blog post ready. This will definitely give boost to your traffic as well you’ll get out of writers block easily.
How to Blog?
Once you are clear on what to blog, you can then actually sit down writing content (post) and below are the points to remember when writing a blog post:
  • Write content which goes naturally but using your targeted keywords at appropriate places.
  • Everyone says, “You’re writing for your users and not for search engines!” which i don’t agree completely as we’ll have to write both for users as well as the search engines.
  • Follow the style you used to maintain while writing your college/school exams like using side headings/sub headings, underlining an important point etc.. This is highly advisable as the sub-headings always works fine.
  • Always interlink your blog posts using right anchor text. This will both reduce your bounce rate as well as it will help the search engines to crawl all your inner (old) posts properly.
  • Always Spell-check your posts before it goes live (Use MS-Office, Google Scribe for writing posts)
  • Read the SEO Copywriting Guidelines which will be useful in writing content in a right optimized way.
  • And the final point is – Be Straight & Clear. Readers don’t like or have time to read lengthy posts. A Short post with informative content is worth than a long post.
When to Blog?
There is no exact rule when to post (blog). But make sure you keep a schedule for writing blog posts and maintain it regularly. It’s not necessary to post everyday. Whenever you get time write a good post that will be of more use to users. And to exactly conclude this topic, write at least 2-3 posts per week on any day you like or have time to. A quality post is thousand times better than 100 posts with no proper information.
Remember, a proper planning always gives amazing results either in blogging/career or in your personal life. So start following these few simple points and I’m sure you’ll definitely succeed in your blogging.

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