Reasons for Low Adsense Earnings & Their Solutions

Do you feel that your Adsense earnings are being reduced day after day? There are 4 main reasons that lead to low adsense earnings which were discussed below.
1.Excess Use of Adsense Advertisements
The proverb “more is better” doesn’t suit Google Adsense these days which used to work in earlier days. So, never try to display too many advertisements on a single page with wrong intention that it will help increase user clicks.
Remember that placing too many adsense ads will result in irrelevant ads on your page. The reason being not all niches will have advertisers bidding to place ads on your page.
Solution: Try to use less ad blocks that too on the top of the web page because the ads displayed at the beginning of the page tend to get good clicks (CTR) and thus result in decent CPC.

2.Placing Adsense Ads on newly created blogs
Placing advertisements on a newly created blog will result in “Smart Pricing” as Google has an opinion that quality of visitors to a new website or blog is good enough for advertisers and thus your CPC will be lowered which again results in low adsense earnings.
Solution: Place Advertisements only after your website had enough content and decent unique visitors for high CPC.

3.Writing Irrelevant Titles & Headings
There are a few bloggers who try to write attractive titles irrespective of the content in the article just with an intention to drag visitors to their site. This will confuse the adsense bots between the relevant & irrelevant content. So, sometimes low paying (irrelevant adsense ads) will be displayed.
Solution: If you wanted to write catchy titles or heading, be on the topic and just be creative. Don’t go over wrong methods of attracting people. It’ll even result in high bounce rate.

4.Improper Placement of Adsense Ads
There are few ad placement positions that work well for most blogs. Remember, the higher the ad’s position, the higher the click rate and cost per click..

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