Access Gmail Even When You Don’t Have an Internet Connection

When it comes to Email management, Gmail is undoubtedly the best choice. With ‘unlimited’ storage on the cloud, Gmail will help you store numerous amounts of data without having to worry about losing. However, a small disadvantage of Gmail is that we can’t be able to use it when there is no internet connection. Ofcourse, there are several softwares to backup Gmail data, but you’ll need to export and then import all the data inorder to view.
Here comes the official Google chrome extension called Offline Google Mail, a special extension that allows you to read, respond to, search and archive your emails without connecting to the Internet.

How to Use Offline Google Mail Chrome Extension?
  1. Once installed simple open a new tab in Google Chrome and launch the app that named “Offline Google Mail”.
  2. As this is the first time, you’ll be asked to authorize your Gmail account for security purpose.
  3. Once authorized, all your mails will be synced to your Google chrome browser’s storage on your computer so that it can be accessed without the need of Internet connection.
  4. You don’t have to worry about synchronizing the data always as the extension will automatically syncs your data with your Gmail account whenever you’re connected to the Internet.
Note: Never use this app when you’re using a public or shared computer because your data will be accessible to all those who use the browser in that system. For security reasons, install “Offline Google Mail” extension only on your personal computer.

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