Create Video of Your Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook timeline profile is not liked by many users out there. However, after using the new web service called “Timeline Movie Maker“, few might love their Facebook timeline profile look. This particular tool (app) creates a movie featuring information about you taken from your Facebook profile contents.
Timeline Movie Maker will take all special stuff about you from your Facebook profile and convert it into a professional looking movie video.
Create Video of Your Facebook Timeline Profile
  1. Login to your Facebook profile (make sure you already enabled “Timeline profile”).
  2. Open “Timeline Movie Maker” website and then click on “Make Your Movie” button which will ask you to authorize your account. Click on “Authorize”.
  3. Once authorized, the “Timeline Movie Maker” will generate a video of your important moments taken from your Facebook profile.
  4. And once the video is generated, you’ll be able to preview it as well as change the background music track or re-create it using different photos.
The final movie output looks similar to as below.:-

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