3 Sites to Find the Meaning of Chat Slang’s & Acronyms

We often try to use the shortcuts while chatting with friends online and at some point you might get the situation of not knowing the meanings of the shortcuts (chat slang words) used by your friends. For Example,
w8 – wait
abt – about
asl – age, sex, living
brb – be right back
lol – laughing out loud
imho – in my humble (or honest) opinion
imo – in my opinion
rotel – rolling on the floor laughing
btw – by the way
otoh – on the other hand
afaik – and for all I know
g – grin (used to imply that you are amused, or were not serious)
bg – big grin
faq – frequently asked questions
and many more….
So if you are having any trouble in understanding such words, there are many Online Chat Decoders that help you find the meaning of Chat slang’s.

1.Teen Chat Decoder : An online database of slang’s and acronyms that are mostly used by the teens while chatting with their friends online. You can navigate using the alphabetical order or simply use the search box to find the meaning of internet slang words instantly.

2. No Slang : It’s a dictionary to find the internet slang used by many users online.

3. AIM Acronym Dictionary : It provides most common abbreviations of chat slang using alphabetic order.

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