Google Adsense has now been Optimized for Mobile Devices

Adsense is the most popular monetization program of all. Till now, if any one want to view their adsense income or stats on their mobile, they need to go to the un-optimized flash interface which doesn’t give quick access to the reports section. But, now Google has introduced a new beta Adsense Interface optimized for mobile devices which gives easy access to all the essential elements in your account without the need of Flash..
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To Do: Make sure that you opt for the new Adsense interface instead of the old one when you logged into Google Adsense on your desktop browser.
When you visit this link on your mobile browser, you’ll be taken to the mobile version of Adsense instead of the desktop version. You can however switch back to the desktop version from the mobile version by following the link at the bottom of your mobile screen.

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