Tips on getting an Adsense Approval - The Legit Way

Lot of people asking where they can get an adsense account or alternative ways to get one approved. Purchasing adsense accounts or creating a quick blogger that allows for adsense applications instantly is like rolling dice. Here are some tips to get an adsense account, the legit way.

I've seen a few of these steps spread across this forum here and there but thought i'd share all the steps I used in one easy-to-access place

1) Never use a free domain email (not even gmail)

- Use

2) If your applying 1 month after creation of your site, make sure you have 2 new articles every week for the past month. Don't ever apply without new content just recently uploaded or with less then 7-10 articles.

3) Don't apply with too specific of a niche. Big G likes broad niches to best match your site with appropriate advertisers. Long-tail keywords are not good here.

4) Privacy Policy, About us, Contact page are a must.

5) Make sure to have your personal contact information that your using on your adsense application in your "contact us" page on your website. - Important

6) Make sure your whois contact information also matches.

7) No ads, affiliate ads, any ads on your site before applying! Leave it clean

8) Don't apply if your not getting less then 50 visitors a day or your website isn't even indexed

9) Don't have any hyphens in your domain URL. - Unprofessional

10) Add another article 2-3 days after applying if your application is still pending.


11) Don't apply if any section of your website is under construction.

Good Luck!

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  1. Very Well Written POst and Must Follow Tips Dear.Bookmarked it!!!