Run Symbian Programs In PC Using Emulator

How To: Run Symbian Programs In PC Using Emulator

Emulator is a trendy-handy software that decodes the .sis files to system files. Now you can run any .sis i.e,symbian files in your PC.
We all love symbian OS,which is mainly used in Nokia S60 devices. Moreover,its brilliant game capability has induced the web developers to make a bunch of cools games as well as handy softwares. We know Nokia’s famous cells are still using this OS and has become a virtual platform too.
So today’s tutorial will teach you to run any symbian apps directly in your PC.

1-First you have to download the symbian emulator from Nokia’s official site. Link here.
It’s popularly known as Symbian SDK and download from here.
2-Hope you did download before going through this step. Install Symbian SDK and open as administrator.
3-You may want to reboot your system to complete the installation.
4-The shortcut icon for the software may show in the display. If not,just roll to start>program files.
5-Run the tool then File>New
6-Now choose which symbian app that you want to run in your PC and experience the feel of Symbian cool apps and games.
Hope you got the key and any problem persists,please drop your comment here.

Note:- Make sure to Register at NOKIA Website to use it.

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