Adsense Approval By Ezine/Blogger

Google AdSense Account Approval Guaranteed

Step 1) Register for a Google Mail Account.

Step 2) Go to Ezine Articles and choose a niche (make sure it’s popular).

Step 3) Go to and register a new blog, make sure the title of the blog and domain is related to the niche! And choose Blogger’s theme (they give you 6 default).

Step 4) From Ezine Articles, open about 5 articles and copy and paste them to your blogger blog.

Step 5) Make sure the articles are well formatted, and have space between paragraphs And Images etc per post.

Step 6) Most people go to and signup, but the twist is to signup directly from blogger. Once you have about 5 well formatted articles then you should see “Monetize” in the tabs section.

Step 7) Click the “Signup for Adsense”.

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