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Techdigg.in  was started by Narender Chopra in 2012 with the vision to promote awareness of using the Internet and your Computer to simplify many life tasks. The main aim is to provide useful tutorials on effectively using various online web apps or offline tools and also to let you know on how to use the latest applications and what are the new tools released which can help you in various ways.We are focused on providing useful Lifehack tips which might help you solve or optimize your daily tasks or improve your personal skill-sets. I hope you will find value in the articles we publish and you are always welcome to add your suggestions or criticism using comments below the posts.

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Narender Chopra is a computer science lover and Diploma Graduated from Narwana,Haryana. He is currently working as a Webmaster online.. Apart from managing this site, he likes photography and playing the Cricket in his free time. You can connect with him at  Facebook

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