Use Your Keyboard LEDs to display Network Activity

You squeeze every bit of customization and productivity out of your computer, why let those lazy keyboard LEDs sit idle? Put them to work as network activity indicators.
Network Lights is a tiny application that turns the NumLock and ScrollLock keyboard indicators into incoming and outgoing network traffic indicators.

Many of the Keyboards we use for our computer will be having 3 LEDs. They are to display Number Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock.
You can use them to display your network activity by using a tiny application called Network Lights.....
Which display the sent and received activity by using first two LEDs of your keyboard...

First download the application from here:- Download Network Indicating App .

Open the Networklights.exe

The application doesn't need any installation. It will just openup and will be minimized in your task bar.

To stop using this just right click on the icon from task bar and click EXIT ....

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