Use Android phone as a webcam on Windows PC

Your computer does not have a webcam and you want to do a video conference with friends on Skype, Messenger or Google Talk? You can use the video sensor of your Android phone connected to your PC for that. To use the video sensor of your phone on your computer, you need to install on your computer before the Android SDK that contains the drivers to communicate with all components of your computer.

USB Webcam application to install on your PC and on your Android phone will allow you to make a video link between the two. It will do so only to get the video stream and use it in your favorite email software: Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ...

Install Android SDK:
The Android SDK is a set of tools to develop and test Android applications on their computer. It contains the drivers to use the webcam on your phone.

Download Android SDK from Here

Save the file to your hard drive.
Once the download completes, run it.
The SDK installation wizard opens. Click Next.
The Android SDK requires the Java Development Kit from Oracle. If you have not already installed, 

click Visit

Click the Download button next to Java SE 7 SDK.
Accept the terms and conditions and click the version to download depending on your operating system.
Once the download completes, run it.
In the wizard that opens, click Next three times.
Once the file copy is complete, click Finish.

Back in the installation window Android SDK, click Back and then click Next. Java is detected. Click Next three times then click Install.
Click on Finish.
Manage SDK opens. If this is not the case, start it from its shortcut in the Start menu. The program prompts you to download packages in order to exploit the functions of Android. Click Install to download and install.

Install USB Webcam:

You must install the USB Webcam to your phone to use the video sensor as a webcam on your PC.

On your phone, open the Android Market.

Look for the USB Webcam application.

Download and install it.

Install USB Webcam PC Host:

On your computer, you must install the Host PC USB Webcam so it could contact the counterpart on the phone. Here is how to the same:

Download USB Webcam PC Host from Here

Run the file and In the wizard that opens, click Next.

Click Install.

Finally, click on Close.

Enable debugging USB:

Before using your phone as a webcam, you must enable USB debugging. Remember to turn it off when finished.

On your phone, open settings.

Go to Applications and in Development.

Enable USB Debugging.

Confirm the activation mode.

Start using Android mobile as Webcam:

You will now use USBWebcam to retrieve the image and sound from your Android phone. Here are the instructions for the same:

Connect your phone to your computer via USB.

The first time the drivers are installed on your phone

USBWebcam run on your computer.

A command window opens. Press Enter at the end of the transaction to close.

On your phone, launch USB webcam.

On your PC, launch Messenger, Skype or other software you want to use for your videoconference.

Select the webcam GWebcam Video.

And now, you use the sensor of your phone as a webcam.

What you aim appears on the PC screen.

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