2 Latest Adsense Method for 100 % Adsense Apprval

Hello Friends As Google Changed Their Policies It Was Harder To Get An apprvoved Adsense Account But here is something for you all Frustrated People.I have used these methods Myself and Got Approved Every Time But as you can see my blog content so that it gets dissapproved due to breaking of Google Adsense TOS..So here these Fresh Methods.Try these and hope you will get 100 % Adsense approved.So Here we go :-

First Method Goes Here:- 1.Go To Sites.google.com and Login There with Your Gmail Id.

2.Create A Google Site By Clicking Create Site and Name It Whatever you want.Would be helpfull if you name it to the topic you are going to post about on Site.When it ask to choose template then select Blank Template.

3.After creating site just add 6-7 pages there with some original posts.Means these posts must be written by you and not copied from other site.

4.Add Any Theme To Website.And Maintain Your Content Well Decorated.

5.Thats it now you are ready to Apply For Adsense.Just Click Adsense Option From Your Google Site and You Will Get Approved Within 3 Hours.

Here is Second Method:- 1.Hope you know about Docstoc , Its very old Method and now it does not work.So i have modified This Trick and Mixed It With Ezine Article Method+Blogger Method+Docstoc.

1.Make an account at docstoc and upload 8-9 articles there.You can copy articles from Ezinearticles.com and make a .doc file of them to upload on Docstoc.

2.After uploading you need to add proper information about your uploaded Document.

3.Then click a Option in Docstoc which is "Docstoc cash" and apply for adsense from There.

4.If you are lucky one then you will get approved with these 3 steps only but if you got unapproved then go for 5th step.

5.If you got disapproved then make a blogger blog with nearl 40-50 articles copied from Ezine Aricles.And make sure you have to make blog about a single subject only.Like Study Loan,Car Insurence,Body Building etc.

6.After copying all posts decorate your blog.And then Go To Your blogger dashboard and click Monetize.Simply Sign Up From There For Adsense.

I am 100 % Sure you will got Adsense approved by these methods and if you are facing any problem then feel free to ask me by commenting here.


  1. Mr. Narender why are you not using these tricks to your websites...........

  2. bro mera adsense aur ek website pe chal raha hai,this blog is not going through google policy due to new gooly policy....

  3. hi .I have applied several time google Adsence , But my site (http://tamil2world.com ) has not been approved, and no reason is provided, please help me