Get Approved for Adsense Faster Ever

Log into google account.

Navigate to

It will ask you, "Thinking of Creating a website?"

Click on the "RED" Create button on the left side of the screen

The next screen ou will be brought to is Select a Template.

It really doesn't matter which you chose here, the main thing is chose one and move on.

I usually just click on Blank Template:

Next step is to name your website.

You will notice whatever you name your site, it will be automatically placed in your sites location.

Ok the next step is to select a theme.

Once again doesn't matter which you go with. I usually choose Iceberg.

Next I click on more options and enter a few lines about what my website will be about in the description field.
Example: This website is dedicated to providing you news about the latest technology.

Share with everyone in the world will be already checked, leave it. Do not click on this site contains mature content. Just skip down and enter captcha

After you do so, you can click enter or press the red create button.

You will then be taken to your new website provided you used a unique site name. If not, you will have to change and re-enter captcha.

Assuming you had new site name you will notice your website has home and Sitemap links.

What I do here is click on the icon that looks like an icon

I then name my page. For example if our website is about Laptops we would name the page Laptops.
Enter in some content here. Save. People say you need unique content with google to get accepted, I never have used it. I just steal an article, but if you want to play it safe, I guess make article now. All others who don't want to waste time, insert article you found on net here.

The next step is to create another Page. Name it.
Then select "Put Under" The page you just created. Save. In my example I will be putting this page under the one that says "TopLevelPage-This Could Say Laptops"

The next step create a new page. Name it.
Then select, "Put Page Under Home"
Create some content. Save/

The next step, is click on HOME LINK: Then click on EDIT page Icon.
Enter some content there. Save.

The next step is that you click on the MORE button next to the blue button that says share on right hand side of screen.

Click Signup For Adsense.

Signup for adsense there. When asked for a website, enter your sites Google website address you just created.

Submit application.

...... Wait 3 hours you will see message that says your site was disapproved for insuffient content ...... If you happen to get lucky here congratulations. I've never have.

Then I resubmit the application using either a blogger blog with 15 posts or a custom wordpress blog. 3 hours later I receive

Welcome to Google Adsense We have completed a partial review of your application. However, you will not begin to see live ads on until we have fully completed the our review of your site. Instead, you will see only blank ads, which blend in with the background. We will continue reviewing your site and you will be fully approved or disapproved within four (4) business days. At this point, you will begin to see live ads.

From here, I log into my account and generate ad code. Place it on my website, and few days later I get WELCOME TO ADSENSE FULL APPROVAL.

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