Nokia Music Library Refreshing Problem [Solution]

   Solution to the Nokia music library refreshing problem

Many of NOKIA S60 Users have faced that the Music library which when refreshed doesn't update the newly added songs or tracks. This is due to the reason that one or more of the files were corrupted or the format isn't supported by the newly updated operating system.

There are two solutions to this problem.

Solution A: Remove all the music files from the memory card and paste them back in batches of 10 and then refresh the library. You can easily find the culprit (corrupted/not supported file) using this method. If this doesn't solve your solution, try Solution B.

Solution B:
  1. Connect your Nokia mobile to the PC in Mass storage mode.
  2. Open the folder where your files were stored i.e., either your memory card or the phone memory.
  3. Go to > Tools > Folder Options > click on "View" tab and then select the option "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".
  4. Assuming your memory card/phone memory has been alloted drive F; Go to F:\Private. You'll be able to see 3 folders namely 2000CEA3, 101ffca9 and 10281e17.
  5. Now, open the first two folders 2000CEA3, 101ffca9 and delete the .dat files which will be found when these folders were opened.
  6. Next, open the third folder 10281e17. You'll find 4 files namely mpxv2_2.db, mpxv2_2.db, pcv6_1.db & pcv6_1.db. Delete all the four files from this folder.
    Note: Don't delete any of the above mentioned folders. Remove just the menioned files.
  7. Now, disconnect your Nokia mobile from the PC and then refresh your music library.
It should automatically display all the music files available on your phone memory and memory card.

Hope, this solves your Music library refreshing problem.

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